osch & kontraform (live jam)

Live techno jam with me and Nihad Tule. Clean groove beat.

Rundgång - No Soundsource

There is no soundsource at all. Just a feedback loop of effects trough the compressor. Lots of bass.

Inter gritty - Avgrunden

Avgrunden, a short animation by Olof Schröder (Visuals) and Thomas Andersen (Music). You can listen and download the full 10min track at Thomas Andersen on Bandcamp

Hi-score in hell

Hi-score in hell a collaboration between Olof Schröder and Jonatan Moreno.


Verify music and animation by Olof Scrhöder. A concept work of one of my own tracks. Download the full track: osch - verify

False Dream

Part 2 of "False"-Serie.

False Hope

False Hope - part 1 of 2, I tried to make a clean and simple animations. Second part is "False Dream".


This 78 min video is the edit of an audiovisual performance made by Emil Bardh, Olof Schröder, Emmanuel and Jonatan Moreno at New Media Meeting 2009 using Ableton Live and Resolume.

Read more on //procrastinat.us/


My name is Olof Schröder - was born 1983 and I have been a geek since I got my first computer 1990. Currently I'm employed at E-kontakt.se in Norrköping, Sweden as a Front-end web developer. I also run a company together with Jacob Siverskog called Semantik.

I create sounds/music almost every day. And I like to share my sounds with you. Most of the songs are just stretched loops - some others are just eh sounds...

Music/Art is my main interest but I'm also a fisherman and snowboarder.


Sorry, I really don't have anything to write about my music. I turn nobs, tweak samples, cut up loops.

Music - Older "finished" stuff, and some source files Reason and Ableton.

Music dump - This is where I upload all unfinished songs/loops/sounds. No quality check just a dump.


Hello! yes you can contact me. Please do if you want anything.

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